Cars in Free European Cities

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Liberty respecters throughout the world have a bit of a love affair with cars, indeed it appears rather similar to the love affair which liberty disrespecters have with centrally planned golem conveyors. But is it just as dumb? Cars # Well, in the simplest terms, no — cars increase geographic reach, expedite business, and improve recreation opportunities. If you’ve ever travelled by car as opposed to having to account for public transit schedules during a vacation, you know. ...

Get a clear picture of Science News

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Pop-science is currently no topic to overlook on social media. Websites or social media groups sharing factoids or infographics amass millions of likes and receive a high number of content re-shares. In parallel, pop-science magazines also attract many readers and have a strong online presence. The scientific readership routinely recognizes pop-science reporting as inaccurate, misleading, or even outright wrong. Oblivious to most science reporters’ lack of insight laymen may instead wonder: Why does technology not deliver upon the promises made by pop-science? ...

Stack Bracketed Photos

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Bracketed pictures are commonly taken to enhance the dynamic range (and sometimes the sharpness) of a photographic scene. The former type of bracketing is also known as exposure bracketing, and is what we will be dealing with in this article. There are many software products offering this functionality, including but not limited to Hugin, digiKam and Adobe Photoshop. A major drawback of these programs, however, is that they are designed mainly for graphical interface use; and will have you click through their interface for every set of bracketed images you wish to stack. ...

1v1 Risk Strategy

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Risk is a board game, variations of which can also be played online, as for instance on Dominating12, Conquer Club, or MajorCommand. Though the gameplay mechanism is consistent, there are many variations between these websites - occasionally extending even to the rule terminology. As a general reference therefor we would recommend the succinct Dominating12 terminology glossary. While we try to accommodate for rule variations in the following instructions, please be aware that they are meant specifically for 2-player (1v1) games (optimal gameplay is very different for multiplayer games). ...

Per-Attack Risk Dice Odds

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In Risk-like games, players face off against each other on maps divided into territories. One player may conquer the territories of another by eliminating all of the other’s units from a said territory. Units can be eliminated with the throwing of the dice, and a unit is lost for every instance where the attacking player has a higher score on one cast die. The throwing of the die is governed by the following rules: ...

Per-photo Model Release Form

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Model release forms help photographers secure the freedom to publish and sell their photography work. One common issue with model release forms (especially in the context of informal photo sessions) is that they are tailored to the practice of professional photography, and commonly grant the photographer all rights to all pictures they may have taken of the model. While for professional models this might not be an issue, for relatives, friends, and acquaintances of the photographer such a commitment becomes daunting. ...

mkstage4 — Stage 4 Tarballs Made Easy

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Stage 4 tarballs are bootable, fully working, self-sufficient Gentoo Linux distributions. They include a complete Gento environment, which you can directly boot up and use. Stage 4 tarballs are very well suited for system backups or use cases where chrooting and emerging your basic system requirements can become very tedious. Situations in which stage 3 installation is difficult include: Installing Gentoo on machines with limited resources for compilation (e.g. many ARM family platforms) Installing Gentoo for machines which do not support standard live CD/USB distributions Background # Making a stage 4 tarball - while in principle as simple as tar-ing a Gentoo system - requires you to remember a long list of directories to exclude and a number of tar options. ...

Free and Open Science for Your Thesis

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Topics such as open peer review, open data, and open notebook science are of increasing interest to the scientific community. Many of the concepts behind this new spin on science are rooted in the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) world and draw credibility from its staggering success. As such, we would refer to the aforementioned set of trends in science as FOS (Free and Open Science). With so much talk about FOS going on - and even spilling over into high-profile editorials about publication review - it is distressing how little FOS is actually taking place. ...

How-To: NeuroGentoo

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Gentoo # Gentoo linux is a modern, extremely flexible, and very transparent linux distribution. Among many other things it provides: Rolling releases (continuous versioning, in brief: no tedious “OS version updates” for you - ever) Building from source (custom geared for every machine - from ancient laptop to data-analysis power-box) Seamless support for live source packages (get that very latest version with that one new function that solves all your problems - directly from the source code upstream wrote 5 minutes ago! ...