mkstage4 — Stage 4 Tarballs Made Easy

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Stage 4 tarballs are bootable, fully working, self-sufficient Gentoo Linux distributions. They include a complete Gento environment, which you can directly boot up and use. Stage 4 tarballs are very well suited for system backups or use cases where chrooting and emerging your basic system requirements can become very tedious. Situations in which stage 3 installation is difficult include: Installing Gentoo on machines with limited resources for compilation (e.g. many ARM family platforms) Installing Gentoo for machines which do not support standard live CD/USB distributions Background # Making a stage 4 tarball - while in principle as simple as tar-ing a Gentoo system - requires you to remember a long list of directories to exclude and a number of tar options. ...

Free and Open Science for Your Thesis

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Topics such as open peer review, open data, and open notebook science are of increasing interest to the scientific community. Many of the concepts behind this new spin on science are rooted in the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) world and draw credibility from its staggering success. As such, we would refer to the aforementioned set of trends in science as FOS (Free and Open Science). With so much talk about FOS going on - and even spilling over into high-profile editorials about publication review - it is distressing how little FOS is actually taking place. ...

How-To: NeuroGentoo

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Gentoo # Gentoo linux is a modern, extremely flexible, and very transparent linux distribution. Among many other things it provides: Rolling releases (continuous versioning, in brief: no tedious “OS version updates” for you - ever) Building from source (custom geared for every machine - from ancient laptop to data-analysis power-box) Seamless support for live source packages (get that very latest version with that one new function that solves all your problems - directly from the source code upstream wrote 5 minutes ago! ...